Introducing ModiBodi’s new jewel range – stylish period pants that offer up to ten hours protection

They’re bold, planet-friendly and jewel inspired, too.

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever ruined a favourite pair of pants with your monthly bleed? Yep, that’s most of us. Whether your period came early and caught you by surprise or you bled through a tampon on your heaviest day, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing a pair of your go-to knickers.

This is where period pants and Modibodi’s new range of jewel-inspired, planet-friendly period pants come in. Allowing you to have a more sustainable TOTM strategy, not only will you be saving your beloved pants from stains, you’ll be helping the environment, too. That’s because period pants are washable and prevent hundreds of thousands of tonnes of plastic waste from tampons and pads ending up in landfill each year.

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They promise to offer leak-proof technology and be VPL free, too – there’s a reason they’re bestsellers all around the world. But back to the new range. Modibodi’s vibrant new collection is inspired by the rich jewels of the earth – expect the brands best-selling styles, including the Classic Bikini, Classic Full Brief, Sensual Hi-Waist and Recycled Seamfree pants, in mood-boosting amethyst, serpentine, garnet and clay colours.

There are some gorgeous patterns, too, so you can enjoy all-day protection in a jazzy print, too. Modibodi’s maxi 24 hour absorbency pants, for example, hold up to ten tampons’ worth of blood for heavy-duty protection.

Team Marie Claire UK have long championed sustainability – we held our first ever Sustainability festival and awards earlier this year and have round ups of the best period pants, period cups and even waste-free and organic CBD tampons on site to encourage people to use more eco period products. We’re always researching, trying out and actively seeking sustainable period alternatives to tampons and sanitary pads.

Why so? Because as our health, sustainability and relationships editor Ally Head shares, it’s not just about how much easier period pants could make your TOTM, but about making sure you’re doing the right thing for the planet, too.

“Period products account for 200,000 tonnes of UK landfill waste every year – that’s 200,000 tonnes of tampons and pads contributing to the mounting tide of plastic pollution,” she shares. “Enter stage right, period pants – they’re a must-try and even look and feel like normal underwear. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re super absorbent, comfortable and can hold up to ten hours of menstrual blood, too.”

Modibodi‘s latest collection might be the Australian brand’s boldest yet with two new playful prints, Lush Crush – think, tropical leafy prints against a playful coral background and Boho Lovea whimsical paisley print in a retro cornflower blue. Both are available in a choice of three absorbencies and both bikini and full brief styles.

Shop while stocks last – these limited edition colour capsules always sell out, so order yours before you miss out.

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