Huge Prehistoric Circle of Mysterious Pits Found Near Stonehenge

LONDON– Archaeologists have actually discovered a wide circle of deep pits bordering an ancient negotiation near Stonehenge, opening new lines of investigation right into the origins as well as significance of the strange, primitive monument.

Among Britain’s a lot of recognisable spots, the standing rocks at Stonehenge draw visitors from around the globe as well as people looking for spiritual links with the past. Their specific objective continues to be unidentified to researchers.

The new discovery, by a team of excavators from a number of universities, shows a 2-km (1.2-mile) broad circle of shafts surrounding a negotiation at Durrington Walls, which likewise consisted of a henge, or round structure, made of wood blog posts.

circle of pits near stonehenge
Animation picture developed in May 2020 shows the area of broad circle of pits bordering an old settlement near Stonehenge, in Durrington, Wiltshire, Britain.( University Of Bradford/Handout via Reuters )The website lies regarding 3.2 km northeast of Stonehenge as well as proof recommends the pits date back to the same duration, some 4,500 years ago.

“As the place where the building contractors of Stonehenge lived and also feasted, Durrington Walls is vital to opening the story of the broader Stonehenge landscape,” stated excavator Nick Snashall of the National Trust, the body that runs the Stonehenge website.

“This astonishing discovery supplies us brand-new understandings into the lives and also ideas of our Neolithic forefathers,” he said.

The ancient neolithic monolith of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The circle of pits is considerably larger than any kind of similar prehistoric monument in Britain. Scientists have discovered 20 shafts, yet estimate there may have been greater than 30 originally. Each one has to do with 5 metres deep and also 10 metres throughout.

The discovery was made without the need for excavations, utilizing remote sensing modern technology and sampling.

The archaeologists said the exact and also sophisticated way in which the pits were positioned recommends that the very early citizens of Britain utilized a tally or counting system to track pacing across long distances.

“The size of the shafts as well as circuit surrounding Durrington Walls lacks precedent in the UK,” stated Vince Gaffney, a teacher of archaeology at the University of Bradford and among the lead researchers on the task.

He stated the exploration showed “the capacity and also wish of Neolithic areas to tape-record their cosmological idea systems in means, and also at a range, that we had never formerly anticipated.”

By Estelle Shirbon


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