Florida Counted Young Motorcyclist Who Died in Fatal Crash as COVID-19 Death

A young motorcyclist who died in a deadly collision was counted as a COVID-19 death in a Florida county, according to local media.

The authorities have given that removed the motorcyclist’s fatality from the list of CCP (Chinese Communist Party) infection fatalities,

Fox 35 reported. According to the most recent record( pdf)released by the authorities, there is only one person in his 20s that has died from COVID-19, the condition triggered by the CCP virus, since July 18. A screenshot from a previous record shows the young motorcyclist consisted of in the non-updated CCP virus fatality matter. Screenshot through Florida Department of Health in Orange reveals one person in his 20s died from COVID-19 as of July 19, 2020.(Screenshot via Orange County Health Office)Raul Pino, an Orange County Health Officer, informed Fox that one of the two COVID-19 victims detailed in the earlier record as remaining in their 20s didn’t have any underlying problems of COVID-19 contribute to their fatality.

“The very first one really did not have any [underlying problems] He died in a motorbike crash,” he informed Fox 35.

Pino claimed he will ascertain if the target should be removed from the COVID-19 casualty list.

“We were arguing, we were going over, or attempting to suggest with the state. Not because of the numbers– it’s 100 … it does not make any kind of distinction if it’s 99– but the fact that the person didn’t pass away from COVID-19 … passed away in the accident,” he informed Fox 35. “But you might actually argue that it might have been the COVID-19 that caused him to crash. I do not understand the conclusion of that one.”

This is not the very first time concerns were increased concerning the accuracy of Florida’s CCP virus fatality information.

Health centers informed The Epoch Times that some sky-high positivity rates noted by the Florida Department of Health are incorrect.

“It looks like there is a mistake in the information record. Lee Health has not experienced 100 percent positivity in our laboratory screening,” Pat Dolce, a spokesperson for Lee Health, told The Epoch Times in an emailed declaration on Tuesday. “We are connecting to the Department of Health to solve the inconsistency.”

One more medical facility, Orlando Health, additionally said that the reported 98 percent positivity price in their health center “is incorrect.”

The positivity price refers to the percentage of CCP virus tests that return positive.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis clarified during a July 16 press conference that positivity prices are unrealistically high since some healthcare facilities don’t report adverse test outcomes.

The coverage of the adverse examination results is not needed by the law, but mandated by the binding orders, he stated.

“What we’ve seen because of several of the backlogs is sometimes they want to obtain the positives out because undoubtedly that’s essential. And then the downsides get backlogged. Currently often they’ll do a large unfavorable dump. And sometimes, as we’ve seen on a few of these, you may not see [that information],” he said. “But it’s not the Department of Health in itself. It is the laboratories that are inputting this [information] As well as a few of those laboratories on there have inputted under numerous various access.”

DeSantis informed press reporters that he will certainly review with the labs exactly how to improve the state’s efficiency of the data.

“I want all the negatives there,” he told reporters. “That’s better, to have even more negatives and so I absolutely would intend to do that. I also understand that there’s just a whole lot of labs tossing in a lot of information right into the system. It’s their duty to do it.

“They are required under our binding orders and I think that they need to be doing it.” he said.

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County really did not respond to an ask for remark.

The Epoch Times reporter Zachary Stieber added to the record.


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