Don’t kid yourself, you do need remote-controlled fairy lights in your life

Why even fight it?

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There’s no two ways about it, the last few months have been pretty bleak. And as we come into winter, the sky is also literally getting darker. If you’re after an instant glimmer of light in your life, then allow me to help you make the most out of the final throes of Amazon Prime Day 2020 – by introducing you to these discounted festoon fairy lights.

We’re no strangers to fairy lights. In fact, many of us already have our living rooms and bedrooms decked in a set or two. So what’s so special about these ones, you ask? Well, they’re remote controlled.

Yes, that’s right. These lights bestow you with the magical ability to create the perfect atmosphere whilst snuggled under your covers, and use the remote to switch them off from the comfort of your own bed. Oh – they also come with eight light different settings. From dimmed to flashing, they’ll help you set the mood for partying or chilling out. At 43% off, these lights are going fast, so we suggest you scurry to the checkout now to avoid disappointment.

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Deal in Full:

Festoon Remote-Controlled Fairy Lights, £8.51 (normally £14.89)

With eight different light settings allowing you to control to mood, these lights create the perfect soft glow for centrepieces, party decorations and sultry bedroom ambiance. The lights are also super long lasting – surviving for 40-50 hours on new batteries. They’ll be selling at 43% off for a saving of £6.38. View deal

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